Thursday, June 13, 2013

Corruption on Alpha council and public opinion

Residents are complaining that Alpha has been overrun by crooks. How many more news stories will taxpayers read about alleged crimes committed by council members who were voted in to represent our best interests? Will the actions of certain council members cause residents to take a stand against them?

It's time to vote corruption out of Alpha town council, before it's too late.

Mike Savary was arrested for his money making schemes yet is still a council member. Craig Dunwell was involved in threatening a woman's life but bounced NJ vs Dunwell into dismissal. Now residents say Craig Dunwell faces new harassment charges, and possibly will be forced to take responsibility for his actions, which is rare.

A history of Alpha corruption, in pictures:

Meet Craig Dunwell - Dunwell enjoys calling Alpha residents "hillbillies", "rednecks" and "idiots".

Meet Craig Dunwell's family - The Dunwells enjoy cyber stalking and harassing Alpha residents who speak out online against controversial councilman Craig Dunwell.

The State of New Jersey vs Craig and Joan Dunwell

Craig Dunwell's family continues to do Dunwell's campaign more harm than good.

Meet Team Dunwell - Controversial councilman Dunwell uses others to get his way. He is close friends with Mike Savary who was just arrested for embezzlement and fraud. Popular public opinion is that Dunwell, Pfefferle and Schwar must have somehow personally gained from Savary's money making schemes.

Chris Pfefferle lied to Alpha regarding his intentions for the police contract. Pfefferle also lied about his living situation to stay on council during important decision making. Chris Pfefferle spends a lot of time with our current council members and is said to still play a key role in management of Alpha's financial issues.  End the corruption, vote against Craig Dunwell in November. Demand Mike Savary resign. Question why Carol Schwar's husband replaced Chris Pfefferle. Where is the transparency?

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