Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Report councilmen Craig Dunwell and Mike Savary's misconduct

Attention 7th Avenue residents:

Councilmen Craig Dunwell and Mike Savary met with Alpha's municipal engineer on 7/2/13.  Their meeting involved walking along 7th Avenue, studying properties and discussing how homeowners will be affected by sidewalks and curbs to be installed this fall.

Savary and Dunwell were seen trespassing and touching private property.

Dunwell and Savary acted unprofessionally on 7/2/13, disrespecting residents on 7th Avenue.

Taxpayers want Savary to resign after he stole from Alpha.
Residents question Dunwell's involvement in Savary's embezzlement scandal.

If you witnessed controversial councilmen Mike Savary and Craig Dunwell's misconduct, please contact Eileen at (609) 292-0479 and ask to receive a complaint form.

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